Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Call for Care

Honestly, every country and city around the World has a dark side. Every place has a sad story, and every story has an ending. This is not about criticising or trying to find a solution for another one of the plethora of problems rising in our community in Dubai. This indeed can happen anywhere, but since it happened here then it's our concern. This is about a man, a man whose picture struck me as that of my father, a retired Austrian man who gave this city and country so much over more than 40 years, and with a small twist of fate and a not-so-rare financial difficulty faced an 18 month stint in jail and is now in endless limbo.

This is an age of reflection and pride not stress and humiliation. Can you help spread the word? Can you help directly to pay his debt? I don't know how but my guess would be to contact 7 days. The amount is silly compared to the millions dumped on real estate ornaments and special license plate and mobile phone numbers, and there's hardly a better deed than settling a person's incarcerating debt. If the man is given a dirham for every thousand people who marveled at those Dubai icons, he would be flying home a millionaire by now.

Please read the story if you haven't, and think of something to help with.

Dubai Warrior


Kyle said...

What I would propose is as follows:

1) Post this label at the Community Blog.

2) Have the Austrian Embassy / Trade Commission open an account at a local bank with branches in Deira / Bur Dubai.

3) Post a follow-up label once the account is up and running at the bank.

I know getting the Embassy/Trade Commission maybe a tough achievement but it is also a secure approach, as it will kill any prospective donor’s apprehension (myself included).

Keep me posted on all developments and count me in for financial assistance.

Have a good weekend.

Zafar said...

A man gives his life to Dubai, help building its many monuments and thats what he gets in reply because he is not "LOCAL" but a expat.

I wouldnt mind being a small part of any effort if made to somehow help the old man.

Seeing such examples I am worried what if I loose my job, what when I am old and about to retire and when I have lost all belonging and road sense in my country back home, will happen to me as UAE will not accept me because I would be retired and will not have a work visa and my country would be no longer familiar to me. What lies in the future for expats like us.

One may say you can invest have home here but do we really want to do so for the only reason of having home when it is not clear that the rules might change the next day when we wake up or probably when my son gets to 16 he can not stay here unless he has a visa from an employer or a school.

I made a decision some time ago and am glad that I did so, soon I will be leaving this place and settle at a place where life would be little tough as compared to now but I will not have worries like these for my future. News like these helps me stay on the course and confirms to my decision and soon I will be out.

I advise all my friends and relatives who want to come to Dubai that you should definitely come and make your life but do not consider this place to be final, Dubai is simply a transit point, stay here make money and plans for the future to move over to a better place.

Zafar said...

Wow a very good suggestion from Kyle, count me in for the financial assistance whatever I can and I am sure I can ask many of my friends to do so.

Looking forward to have such an arrangement through embassy.

Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!

Seabee said...

Yes, good suggestion Kyle. And good post DW.

Rose in Dubai said...

Great suggestion. Count me in! This guy deserves a break.

Dubai Warrior said...


Good idea, and although I saw from the article that the Austrian embassy could have been more supportive, I agree that they're the best neutral entity to manage the security and transparency of any donations. 2 years ago I would have said 7days would have sufficed but not right now.

I'll see what I can do.


Shaper85 said...

So what happend to your blog Dubai Warrior? I hope you weren't arrested or something...

rosh said...

If it's not too late, I shall help anyway I can. May I say, your posts are endearing to the soul - it's people like you this country and those who care for it need.

Work in Dubai said...

Sad Story getting behind bars and I must admit that it also reminds me of my father but I'm glad in a different way.

At 70, he's still as strong as 10 carabaos to live and see his grandchildren happily. We may not live the luxury that Dubai offers in its high rise apartments or wonders in the middle of the sea in a man-made island but Imust admit, your story made me glad we're still here living free.

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